Results and Analysis:

The equation of the graph is y = 0.4215x + 213.79

Temperature = 0.4215 (Amount of salt) + 213.79

Slope or Gradient = 0.4215

y intercept = 213.79

R the correlation coefficient = 0.9360

R Square = 0.8761 =87.61%

(x) Dependant Variable : Amount of Salt (Tablespoon)

(y)Independent Variable : Temperature of water (°F)

Sample size : 30

From my data the least squares regression line for predicting the temperature change "y" from the amount of salt added "x" is y = 0.4215x + 213.79.

The correlation (R)between the two variables is 0.9360, whiles the percentage of the observed variation (R-square) in temperature predicted by the straight-line

relationship with the amount of salt added is 0.8761 (87.61%) . I will say there is a strong positive correlation between the amount of salt and

the temperature of water. As the amount of salt increases the boiling point of water increases as well.

My Hypothesis is correct as expected, it also colloborates all that my mother have been saying along that adding salt to water during cooking hastens boiling.
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